Healthy herbs, savory spices, crunchy nuts and seeds all harmonize to make a great tasting,
gluten-free, low sugar meal bar you’ll want to enjoy again and again.


There’s a whole lot of smoking going on in the dried and smoked version of the jalapeno Sola Bar. It’s milder in heat than the jalapeno, but with a more complex taste. Sola Bar does it up right with the Chipotle Bar, upping the ante with more spices kicked in: smoked paprika and cayenne pepper. A tribute to a flavor many of us have come to adore in cooking and seasoning, the Chipotle Bar satisfies the craving for taste and sophistication.


Spicy hot is the first impression you’ll have as you eat your way through our Jalapeno bar. The heat is pungent and intense. It will get your attention, but won’t leave you screaming. It’s just plain fun. Besides, some of that heat will be absorbed by the peanuts and seeds and offset by the sweet anise seed. Aromatic rosemary also blends in well with its pine-like flavor. The jalapeno might be a staple in Mexico, but in the southern U.S., it’s a sport. When you bite into a Jalapeno Sola Bar, visions of street fairs and chili eating contents will come to mind.


The nutty and aromatic flavor of roasted garlic is irresistible. It’s been used by the French, Italians, Asians and Middle Easterners as an essential ingredient borrowed from old world cooking. We’ve added onion, thyme, and sage. It will make you feel warm and cozy and want to curl up by the fireplace or sit at the kitchen table with a bowl of soup. So go on, indulge.


What a great way to add a little extra kick to a savory bar. Cinnamon, combined with nutmeg, ginger, and clove add a rich and spicy-sweet natural taste without the guilt. Cinnamon may be one of the best ways to curb a sweet tooth. Serve the Cinnamon Sola Bar with oatmeal, eat it alongside your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Forget the candy bar snack. Whip out a Cinnamon Sola Bar and prove you have a well-developed sense of taste and good sense.


Close your eyes and take a bite to experience an exotic taste that conjures up aromatic spice markets in far-off places. Turmeric is a special flavor in the Sola Bar savory snack bar lineup. It comes from a powered root that is outrageously orange-colored. Mixed with complimentary nuts, seeds, and herbs, Turmeric Sola Bars will tickle your tongue. It’s a warm feeling –not too spicy. You will savor their unique taste … wholesome, satisfying, and virtually sugar-free. Turmeric Sola Bars are a fun to munch when you want crunch and a flavor that’s out of the ordinary. The fringe benefit is that Turmeric Sola Bars take advantage of turmeric’s elevated status as a superfood, with anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties. You’re eating smart and for flavor with this treat.