Turmeric 12 Pack

Turmeric 12 Pack


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12 Pack

Close your eyes and take a bite to experience an exotic taste that conjures up aromatic spice markets in far-off places. Turmeric is a special flavor in the Sola Bar savory snack bar lineup. It comes from a powered root that is outrageously orange-colored. Mixed with complimentary nuts, seeds, and herbs, Turmeric Sola Bars will tickle your tongue. It’s a warm feeling –not too spicy. You will savor their unique taste … wholesome, satisfying, and virtually sugar-free. Turmeric Sola Bars are a fun to munch when you want crunch and a flavor that’s out of the ordinary. The fringe benefit is that Turmeric Sola Bars take advantage of turmeric’s elevated status as a superfood, with anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties. You’re eating smart and for flavor with this treat.

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