Green Gazpacho

Chill Out This Summer with Cold Refreshing Soups

It’s officially summer. We’re dressing light and bracing for sunny, hot, dry days for the next couple months or so ...
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Make Your Own Sage Smudging Sticks to “Clear the Air”

Ever feel negative vibes as you walk into a room … toxic mental energy you can’t see but feel like ...
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Drink These Refreshing Low Cal Coolers When Summer is Sizzling

Thirst-Quenching Coolers When the temperatures go up our desire for thirst-quenching beverages goes up with it. That’s a good thing ...
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Add Sola Snack Bars to Your Day and Watch What Happens

On-The-Go Anytime Healthy, Savory Snack and Meal-Bar The introduction of Sola Bar is a result of answering two questions: Why ...
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Healthy Snacks Can Reduce Your Weight and Your Risk of Diabetes

Know what the biggest single predictor of Type 2 diabetes is? It’s being overweight. In America, being overweight has gone ...
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Get Out of Diabetic Food Jail and Enjoy a Flavorful Low-Carb Snack

As a diabetic, you might feel like you’ve been sentenced to flavor prison. You probably feel like you’re denying yourself ...
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Nine Ways Your Eating Habits Can Impact the Environment

Earth Day is just around the corner. On April 22, people in the U.S. commemorate Earth Day to raise awareness ...
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How to Set Up a Backyard Compost Bin

Composting is one of the easiest reuse and recycle practices around the house and a welcome soil amendment and nutrient ...
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What’s a Healthy Snack Look Like?

Looking around for something to snack on? You pride yourself on being a healthy eater. You keep your sugar consumption ...
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Are Plants Holding the Secret That They’re Actually Intelligent?

We’re dependent on plants for our sustenance and to feed other animal life and so we can appreciate their function, ...
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