Get Out of Diabetic Food Jail and Enjoy a Flavorful Low-Carb Snack

As a diabetic, you might feel like you’ve been sentenced to flavor prison. You probably feel like you’re denying yourself ...
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Nine Ways Your Eating Habits Can Impact the Environment

Earth Day is just around the corner. On April 22, people in the U.S. commemorate Earth Day to raise awareness ...
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How to Set Up a Backyard Compost Bin

Composting is one of the easiest reuse and recycle practices around the house and a welcome soil amendment and nutrient ...
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What’s a Healthy Snack Look Like?

Looking around for something to snack on? You pride yourself on being a healthy eater. You keep your sugar consumption ...
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Are Plants Holding the Secret That They’re Actually Intelligent?

We’re dependent on plants for our sustenance and to feed other animal life and so we can appreciate their function, ...
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Fresh sliced ginger root on white wooden background

Six Fun and Easy Ways to Incorporate Fresh Ginger into Your Diet

Reap the health benefits of fresh ginger by incorporating this root-based spice into meals and drinks. Ginger is a well-known ...
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Sick woman covered with blanket holding cup of tea sitting on sofa couch at home

Simple Remedies for Colds and Flu Are Closer and Quicker Than You Think

Ah-choo! Uh-oh, sounds like a cold or the flu is coming on. But here’s the thing … you don’t have ...
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Composition of human head, key symbol and fractal design elements on the subject of encryption, security, digital communications, science and technology

This is What High-Vibrating Food Can Do for Your Consciousness

We know from scientists that matter is energy. And we know that everything in the universe – including us – ...
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Fitness diet nutrition and workout routine smartphone app concept. Healthy green detox, apple and dumbbells for slimming down dieting. Female checking weight loss with measuring tape.

Mobile Apps That Can Actually Tell You If You’re Eating Healthy

A new year is around the corner. If you’re taking stock of what you can do in 2017 to eat ...
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A hand drawn image of an obese kid sitting on a lounger watching television surrounded by fast food and drinks.

How Marketing Unhealthy Foods to Kids Causes Obesity

With the focus on healthy eating growing globally and healthy food choices growing with it, you’d think more parents would ...
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