Bringing Savory to Diabetes

Low Carb, Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-GMO

On a Diabetic Diet? Sola Bars Bring Savory to Diabetes

On a Diabetic diet, don’t you sometimes feel like Cinderella, who’s not invited to the ball? You’re prevented from eating high saturated fat foods that others eat without giving it a second thought. You settle for bland diet foods for diabetes patient, while people around you are guzzling sugary sodas and chowing down on bread, pasta, and candy bars that have more carbs, sugars, and trans fats than you’re allowed in a week.

Planning healthy meal replacements that stay inside your proper blood glucose range is a constant concern for your Diabetic diet. What about those times between meals? Not skipping meals and spacing them out throughout the day is recommended in your diabetic diet plan. But what if you don’t want or can’t eat a meal? What if you want a tasty low carb snack … something to tide you over until the next meal so you don’t need to raid a vending machine or buy junk food at the nearest store or fast-food restaurant, which your mean step-sisters – uh, we mean, health practitioners – won’t let you get away with anyway?

You want a nutritious energy boost that won’t cause a sugar rush, that’s flavorful and satisfying, right? Having diabetes, it’s a challenge to find snacks that have great taste, give you energy, curb hunger, and pack nutrients, without raising your blood-sugar level. Sola healthy snack bars can actually be one of several meals you eat in a day – an important thing when you’re following a diabetic diet. Consider them kind of a diabetic meal replacement, which can replace your blah tasting diabetic diet food.

Counting the Ways Diabetics Will Love Our Bars

Let SOLA Snacks – your snack food fairy godmother – grant your food wishes. We’ve created a new healthy snack, a real savory charmer. If you follow a low-carb diet, you're going to love Sola Bars. Here’s why:

Flavor! Sola Bars taste great. They’re a blend of savory herbs and spices combined with the crunchy nuts and seeds with flavors you’d find in a typical snack bar that’s not anywhere near good for you.

1 gram of sugar – not added sugar… mainly what’s naturally in our wholesome clean ingredients.

Low carb. Only 5 net grams of carbs in a diabetic meal replacement bar(Ok … 5g fiber, 10 total).

13 grams of fat (only 1 gram of unsaturated fat) that come from the healthy oils in nuts and seeds. No trans fats allowed.

175 calories. Lower than most healthu snack bars on the market and good for controlling your weight.

Filling and keeps you from feeling hungry up on your diabetic diet until your next meal.

Gluten-free and soy-free … yay!

Sola Bars are for vegans too.

Only wholesome nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices are in our diabetic meal replacement bars; nothing you wouldn’t find in your food pantry. Wholesome and uncomplicated.

No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Zip. Nada.

Convenient. Throw them in your handbag, briefcase, gym bag, the kids’ lunchboxes or reach for a box from your own kitchen cabinet. No meal prep necessary.

Get creative with Sola health snack bars. Make them part of a Diabetic diet to add crunch to a salad, with juice, a sandwich, soup, yogurt, a dip. Some Sola Bar fans like to pair our Jalapeno or Roasted Garlic bars with a glass of dry white wine.

What Others are Saying About Sola Bars

"When you say it’s savory, you’re not kidding.”(No we are not kidding about diabetic meal replacement)

“Really, only a gram of sugar? I don’t believe it.” (It’s true)

“What a concept. Your bars are like mini-meals.”

“How can you turn your ingredients into a bar without adding sugar to hold it all together?” (Using a patented binding process to create this diabetic meal replacement bar)

“Your bars make me feel like I’m eating healthy junk food.”

“My husband is diabetic and it's hard to find healthy snacks without sugar. Kudos on avoiding all the sweetness of the typical bar and replacing with something truly better.”

“The Garlic and Sea Salt bars helped my brother give up candy bars.”

Food Quiz

Guess which of our four flavors is the most popular among folks on Diabetic diet? 

• Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt
• Cinnamon
• Jalapeno
• Chipotle

(Email us and we’ll tell you, or better, try all four flavors and decide for yourself.)

A Perfect Fit

When we created Sola Bars we were aiming for a delicious, savory healthy snack bar – pure and simple. People with and without health problems buy our bars because they love the taste; not being super sweet and artery-clogging is a bonus for them. If have diabetes or on a diabetic diet, Sola Meal Bars can be the perfect meal replacement.

The more feedback we got, the more we realized our bars helped people in ways we never expected. We want our diabetic friends to consider Sola Bars as one of their favorite healthy snack picks and diabetic meal replacement. Having Sola Bars on hand is a way for you to stay within your blood sugar limitations without feeling deprived. We think it’s a great fit … like Cinderella’s glass slipper.


Salad and a Side

You’ve prepared a bowl of leafy greens, chopped in some bell pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, a few rings of red onion. As you drizzle your creation with vinaigrette or light creamy gluten free dressing and get ready to pour yourself a glass of iced tea, you wonder if there’s something else to compliment this healthy snack/lunch … something crunchy, flavorful, wholesomely delicious.
Why not add a savory low carb bar packed with nuts, seeds, herbs and spices? Sola Bar’s Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt. Think of a Sola Bar as a crouton diabetic meal replacement, or an accompaniment to your salad. It’s a low sugar, low carb meal replacement bar that is vegan-friendly, and high on the satisfaction meter. Add this high protein snack on top of your salad, or eat it as a complementary side dish. If you like saving the best for last, make it a fulfilling dessert.

Work Break

As you rush out the door to begin the day with a schedule of back-to-back appointments, you glance into the kitchen, wishing you had time to drink a smoothie or pack a healthy snack and sandwich. But you’re prepared. In your briefcase are four Sola Bars, each of the four varieties. Biting into a filling, savory meal replacement bar like a Sola Cinnamon bar between appointments is just what you need. It’s high-fiber, flavorful, and quick. And because it’s low sugar and low carb, this healthy lunch is not going to leave you feeling hungry or unsatisfied.

Exercise Routine

You’re devoted to your workout. Building muscle, toning up, and staying healthy are high priorities. Pumping muscle with weight machines, an elliptical workout, and some weight-lifting is your routine. You’re not going to blow it with a sugary, fat-overloaded bag of cookies, chips, or a non-healthy snack bar.
Like all the accessories in your gym bag, each has an important purpose. A Sola Jalapeno bar – now there’s something with purpose and heat. It’s loaded with nutritional, natural goodness, healthy oils and fiber. It’s a gluten free, low sugar and low carb snack. Sola bar can also be a Diabetic meal replacement and an option for a diabetic diet. No one in the gym will dare give you the eye as you crunch down on this savory treat after a hard workout.

Midnight Munching

Tossing and turning and can’t get to sleep? Burning the midnight oil? Is your stomach on empty? You want something filling but not bloating, comforting but not loaded with unhealthy fat and sugar. You’re tempted to raid the refrigerator and scarf down the leftover lasagna from dinner. But even at this late-night hour, you come to your senses. You remember there’s Sola Bar. How about the Chipotle? Yeah. Now you’re satisfying the craving to eat something healthy and a diabetic meal replacement munch-able that won’t interfere with getting to sleep … zzz.

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