How Long Will My Holiday Leftovers Last and What Should I Do to Them?

With all the holiday dinners you’ve prepared, received and eaten at restaurants, your refrigerator is probably well stocked with bowls and boxes of leftovers. “Was this last night’s meal?” “I don’t even remember eating this.” “How are we going to finish all that turkey meat, gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole?” “Where did I put that […]

Package Your Own Signature Homemade Goodies as Holiday Gifts

Are you a foodie or someone who simply loves canning produce, baking, or making sauces or jams? Clueless as to how to use your culinary skills for preparing beautiful holiday gifts this season?  What about creating your own brand of “packaged” food gifts? Even canned fruit can be a welcome and thoughtful gift when it’s […]