Drink These Refreshing Low Cal Coolers When Summer is Sizzling

Thirst-Quenching Coolers When the temperatures go up our desire for thirst-quenching beverages goes up with it. That’s a good thing. Our body is hinting that it needs more water or other high-water content fluids to hydrate. A good way to satisfy that thirst to prepare a glass of cold fruit or vegetable infused water, iced […]

Add Sola Snack Bars to Your Day and Watch What Happens

On-The-Go Anytime Healthy, Savory Snack and Meal-Bar The introduction of Sola Bar is a result of answering two questions: Why does a snack bar have to be sweet? and “Why does a snack bar have to be just for snacking?” Sola Bars are savory, healthy food bars that double as a meal—in a convenient bar. […]