Is Your Body Thirsty for Water?

Over 60 percent of our body’s mass is made up of water. Water is actually the body’s most important health drink. It’s the elixir that tops the list of important nutrients, lubricating our gastrointestinal tract for digestion, regulating our body temperature, transporting oxygen and nutrients to our cells, and acting as a catalyst for metabolic […]

Bakery & – Bars of Gold

With Sales of healthy snack bars booming in the US, industry experts predict vegetables and savory flavors could become key weapons in maintaining growth. CLICK HERE to Read Full Article at

How to Bake with Gluten and Wheat-Free Flours

Eliminating wheat and gluten from your diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the pleasures of fresh-baked bread, sandwiches, pasta, cakes, and cookies. Flours come in a variety of forms and are readily available on your grocery store shelf. Nuts, legumes – even fruits and vegetables – can be ground into flours to satisfy any taste […]