Sola Bars Press Release

SOLA Snacks is Raising the Bar on Savory Snacking FRISCO, TX, March 15, 2016 – Amidst all the buzz about savory snack bars, one trailblazer is about to emerge: Sola Bars by SOLA Snacks, LLC. These flavorful, healthy, and versatile bars are going to peel the wrappers off the growing nutrition bar market. SOLA Snacks […]

Sola Bars Now Available!

THE WAIT IS OVER! Sola Bars have arrived! You’ve been so enthusiastic and patient. Use promo code LAUNCH20 as our thank you and get 20% off your order. Go ahead, be among the first to experience the savory, flavorful goodness of these healthy snack/meal bars. We want to hear all about it! For now, orders […]

How Does Your Spring Herb Garden Grow?

When winter has just about finished delivering its last frost, nurseries, home and garden centers, and supermarkets fill up their shopping areas with garden plants, many of them herbs.  Herbs are easy to grow either from seed or as starter plants. Here are some popular ones for your kitchen garden that will spice up your […]

What You Always Wanted to Know About Healthy Snacking

Snacking used to have a bad name. It used to mean giving in to a craving, repeating a bad habit, overindulgence. But our culture has changed. Now we have a healthier, broadened perspective about eating between meals. Snacking doesn’t make you guilty of overeating or consuming something that’s low in nutritional value. It’s an opportunity […]