What Makes Tea a Powerful Healing Drink?

When tea was first consumed it was used medicinally. The origins of this second most popular beverage in the world is China (water being #1), where, in very early dynasties, fresh tea leaves were pan-fried, rolled, and dried. The process kept the tea leaves dark green, inhibiting them from oxidizing. Oxidation is important in the […]

Drink Your Veggies to Get More Nutrients and Improved Health Fast

The first question those new to juicing ask is, “Why juice my vegetables when I can eat them raw or cooked?” Because juicing is a quick way to get way more nutrition in one sitting. It concentrates nutrients, makes them more available to your body for better absorption, and will help you eat many more […]

Why We Gravitate to Comfort Foods in Winter

Admit it, you’ve had your share of cravings for macaroni and cheese, lasagna, burgers, chocolate pastries and other high fat and sugary desserts in winter. What it is about the time of year when temperatures drop and days are short that makes us want to gorge on carbs and sugar? It’s got to be more […]