How Did Eating Healthy Get So Complicated?

Eating healthy has become more and more important to us as individuals, as a couple, and as parents. It’s more than just adding more vegetables to your plate and cutting down on fried foods, candy bars and fast food meals. Today, with information at our fingertips, we dig deeper to learn more about why certain […]

Food and Mood: You Feel What You Eat

How much thought do you give to your food while you’re eating? Is your mind on something else or are you concentrating on the textures and flavors? Why are you eating? Is it because you’re hungry, stressed, depressed or bored? What else is going on while you’re having your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack? Are […]

Peanuts make you smarter and healthier

One of the basic ingredients of a Sola Bar is peanuts. This legume we got in the habit of calling a nut has a long list of health benefits. Have a half a handful a day and you could lower your risk of dying early and developing chronic diseases. That’s not idle talk. A large […]

Sunflower Seeds are Health Super Heroes

Vitamin E and folate are the cardiovascular super heroes in sunflower seeds. Together they have the power to protect your heart. Vitamin E’s strength is its antioxidant powers. Folate gobbles up an amino acid that, when broken down and in high concentrations, can increase the risk of heart disease. So you want these little kernels […]

Days of Wine and Sola Bars

Sitting by the fireplace sipping wine is oh so satisfying, but taking a bite of a savory, flavorful Sola Bar in between a glass of your favorite wine is divine. Instead of high-fat cheese or carb-loaded bread, break out a healthy flavorful alternative. If you’re wondering what flavor Sola Bar goes best with your fermented […]

An apple and a Sola Bar a day…

About that worn-out expression, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away …” we came up with a new one. “A Sola Bar a day keeps unhealthy snacking away,” which says the same thing, really. Sola Bar’s wholesome healthy ingredients and its zesty flavors can replace an apple or be its favorite companion. Apples are […]